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Value Statements

I. Value Statements

Purpose: To provide Excellence towards learning by being interactive, responsive and adapt communication style that is both effective and progressive.

Principle:Always striving for academic pursuance and professional development that entail commitment, dedication and results oriented outcomes.


    1. Knowledgeability

Being informative and knowledge seeking is fundamental to pursue wisdom. This encompasses nurturing interest and expectation tocreate ambience to epitomize thequest for knowledge. This value provides opportunities for academic growth, development and success.

    1. Excellence

Pursuing excellence is in tandem with my endeavor to attain efficiency, effectiveness and tangible results. I trust motivation towards this value results in quality outcomes and the urge to constantly scale higher heights.

    1. Transformative

This value draws on various other values but rewards the ideation process with optimal potential to innovation. Transformative orientation responds to converting challenges into opportunities, a pathway I pursue with passion.

    1. Integrity

Striving for highest standards in both professional and academic perspectives, transparency and accountability is key. This promoteshonesty, trustworthy and confidence exuding elements worthy to inculcate for optimal ethical resonance.

    1. Virtuous Servitude

Dedicated to serving all without any conditionality, more of a listener, responsive and directly impact lives positively. The critical goals under this value is to work with all to assist in remediating through a participative approach in addressing poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, equity and development.



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