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A. Background

    1. Within the context of sub-regional integration in Africa COMESA is implementing a Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funded project named "Programme for Building African Capacity for Trade (PACT II)", in partnership with the International Trade Center (ITC).
    2. One of the purposes of the Programme is to strengthen the support capacity of relevant Regional and National Institutions to enhance the export competitiveness, market linkage and trade performance of the African Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in high potential sectors.
    3. Among the priority sectors of COMESA leather sector has been selected by COMESA Secretariat as a priority for the PACT II program.
    4. The sector development components stemmed from the outcome of the strategy development and supply chain analysis conducted during the COMESA Leather Sector Round Table Meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in August 2007, organized by the COMESA Secretariat and COMESA/LLPI.
    5. The Regional Leather Sector and National Value Chain Development Strategy Review Meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya in February 2010, agreed amongst other issues to :
      1. Review the strategy using a participatory value chain approach;
      2. Adapt the ITC strategy development methodology for COMESA and specific leather sector needs;
      3. Appoint a “Core Team” composed of COMESA Secretariat, LLPI, ESALIA, and focal points representing private and public sector;
      4. Co-opt new member based on needs;
      5. Solicit support for the Core Team from ITC and COMESA Secretariat;
      6. Entrust the Core Team to oversee the finalization and validation of the strategy, and to represent stakeholders interest;
    6. As a follow-up to the above meeting, a forum was held at the COMESA Secretariat in May 2010 that was attended by the Secretariat, LLPI, ESALIA and ITC and further agreed on the initial structure and composition of the Core Team.


B. Objectives:

    1. To ensure the interests of COMESA leather sector stakeholders are represented in the strategy design, policy alignment, and planning and strategy implementation;
    2. To act as a consultative and advisory body to COMESA Secretariat & other development partners;

C. Mandate of the Core Team

    1. The Core Team’s mandate comes from the COMESA Secretariat targeting specific programs to the leather sector. It is expected to:
      1. Undertake the review and periodic update of the regional leather sector strategy and implementation;
      2. Provide advice to COMESA on: validation of needs, orientation, and progress review and implementation results;
      3. Facilitate and support COMESA negotiations with partners for project proposals in leather sector in conjunction with ITC and based on the Leather Strategy;
      4. Communicate, validate and disseminate strategy priorities and implementation progress at COMESA and member States level and promote cross fertilization of success models;
      5. Provide regular feedback to COMESA secretariat and ITC about the technical support required by the Core Team to perform its mandate;
      6. Ensure that implementation is linked to each stage of the sector’s value chain and factors the interdependencies of actors;
      7. Advocate the priorities of the strategy in leather and leather related regional forums, meetings, workshops, etc.

D. Composition and Governance of the CoreTeam

    1. The Core Team, made up of 7 members from public and private organizations is composed of representatives of the following organizations: COMESA, LLPI, ESALIA, and country focal points.
    2. The Core Team members’ term of the office will be renewed every two years by COMESA in consultation with LLPI and ESALIA.
    3. The Core Team shall elect the Chairperson who shall chair for two years, but may be re-elected to serve for a further one year depending upon the strategy development, implementation and monitoring processes.
    4. The Core Team has the delegated authority to replace an existing member if they can no longer perform their function or are not fully committed.
    5. The Core Team shall prepare its annual work-plan and budget in consultation with COMESA and ensure it is integrated in the main COMESA work-plan and budget.
    6. The Core Team shall meet in ordinary session once in three months. In addition, an extra-ordinary session may be convened when required

E. Support to the Core Team

  1. COMESA secretariat has the ownership of the strategy through the Core Team, and is responsible for the following:
    1. Provide overall administrative and financial support and consult with Core Team on technical and all organizational matters related to the leather sector activities;
    2. Ensure high-level visibility and commitment to the work of the Core Team;
    3. Mobilize and secure resources for strategy implementation and Core Team operational purposes;
    4. Ensure that LLPI and ESALIA support the Core Team in the organizational process and in the provision of technical inputs;
    5. Delegate LLPI to serve as Secretariat of the Core Team;
  2. In the context of PACT II program, ITC is responsible for the following:
    1. Ensure communication flow and advice to the Core Team for efficient implementation of the activities;
    2. Provide technical support to the Core Team including strategy and market development and trade information;
    3. Build the capacity of the Core Team through various training;

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